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Long Island Wood Fencing

While we, at Victorian Fence, Inc. are experts in all types of fences, our company has a soft spot for wood fences. There are extraordinarily special about wood fencing because of so many reasons. Whether it is due to their classic appeal or because wood fences are reminders of families and traditions or something entirely different, you can't go wrong with wood fences.

Victorian Fence takes incredible pride in our wood fences, from design to installation, to repairs and maintenance. Wood fences offer the privacy, security, dependability, and durability every owner expects and deserves in a fence, without compromising on aesthetics and design. In fact, we carry and extensive selection of wood, colors, and architectural designs, which are sure to appeal to everyone. The natural look of a wood fence cannot be matched by any other. Regardless of whether they are natural or stained, wood fences age beautifully, gaining character over the years.

While we offer and carry the highest quality standard template fences, Victorian Fence also offers customized wood fences for those who are interested in something new or unique. From privacy fences to picket fences and even to garden fences, our skilled craftsmen can create the perfect fence for your home or property. If you are looking for a gate or fence with one-of-a-kind ornamental embellishment to accent your home or property, Victorian Fence can do it. We can even repair damages and match your existing fence, so it looks brand new. With Victorian Fence and our quality wood fence products, the sky is the limit; all you need is the imagination.