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Victorian Fence specializes in all styles such as Vinyl, chain link, aluminum, wood, deer and more. Please call our office 631-240-9716 to make an appointment today. We service all areas of Suffolk & Nassau County. Long Island Fence Company, Victorian Fence is fully licensed and insured, is a member of the St. James Chamber of Commerce and recently has won best of LI.

The winter of 2014 is almost done and with the snow gone homes and business owners can see clearly what needs to be repaired or replaced.  For many one of the issues will be the fence surrounding our homes and businesses.  The combination of excessive snow, a ‘polar vortex’ and some very strong winds have damaged many fences around the metro-New York area.  The question that faces home and business owners is should the fences be repaired or replaced.  As simple as the question sounds, there are many variables that need to be assesses and considered before making the final decision.  While some aspects may require the assessment of professional fence installation and repair companies, simpler assessments can be made by the property owner prior to calling in the professionals.

Once it is nice out, take a careful walk along the fence line, paying close attention to not only the separate sections of the fence but also at the fence posts themselves, the area where the fence post is anchored in the ground and where the fence panels are joined to the fence post. In terms of the fence panels, look for pieces that need to be reattached and others that need to be replaced. In some cases a few fence slats in a panel may be replaced but if more than 10% of the total slats in each panel need to be replaced then the property owner should consider replacing the whole panel. Long Island fence company, Victorian Fence will make sure each fence post is examined thoroughly before the job is complete.

In much the same way, the hardware that connects the individual fence panels to the posts should be examined.  Where possible the property owner may be able to simple tighten the existing hardware if they are loose but in other cases the hardware may need to be replaced completely.  If the property owner seeks to handle a repair like this themselves they would be advised to take the worn material to their local home center and ask for the best alternatives in terms of being weather resistant.
While some fence posts will be secured in the ground with cement, most are simple placed in the ground.  For posts that are loose then they can be made more secure through the addition of cement poured to fill any gaps between the post and the earth.  If the posts are damaged, it is highly recommended that a professional fence company is called in to handle the replacement as they have the tools and training to perform the replacement quickly and properly.
Unfortunately, if there are many areas that require repair or replacement in an existing fence installation, complete replacement of the entire fence is recommended.  While some property owners may have the skills and experience to replace a fence themselves, larger or more complex installations should be handled by professional fence installation companies that have the manpower, equipment and training necessary to complete the job quickly and properly. Long Island fence contractors, Victorian Fence are led by Joe Fischer of St. James, New York we will be happy to come give you a free consultation.

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